VWL Webinar: The Human Dimensions of Conservation: How Private Lands Conservation Research Impacts Behavior - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam Daniel
What do you mean by the success of native grasses? In reference to an incentive for the landowner vs the pine plantation in the social environmentalism example of 2 brothers. Can you clarify what was “success?”
Mitzi Fox
VWL's "conservation tips at home" is a good idea. Would you have other examples of simple citizen science or a source for ideas
Michaela Weglinski
Hi Mitzi, I would recommend checking out the Resources page on VWL's website for more ideas: https://www.vaworkinglandscapes.org/education/resources/
Adam Daniel
What was the most interesting or unexpected finding in your research?
Mitzi Fox
congrats on you new job! what is your master's in?
Ashley Dayer
Rachael's Master is in Fisheries and Wildlife Management at VT.